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Posted: 3 days ago / Feb 21, 2021
Edited: 1 day ago / Feb 23, 2021

In-Game Name: 𝓢𝓵𝓪𝔂𝓮𝓻 

Steam ID ( STEAM_0:1:542954559

Discord name (ex: Jimmy#2309): NotDylan#8451

Do You Have a Mic? (Yes/No): Yes

Age (Must be 15+): 16

Time Zone: GMT-5

How Many Hours do You Have on the DarkRP Server? (Must Have At Least 12+ Hours): 2+ days on darkrp

How Many Hours Can You Play Daily/Weekly? 4 or more hours daliy 

What is RDM? random Deathmatch which means kill someone for no reason

What is RDA? Random Arrest which means arrset someone which out a vaild reason

What is NLR? New Life Rule which means you cant go back were you died and cant interact which the person who killed you until your NLR time is up

Why Do You Want to Join The Staff Team and Are You Good Enough to Join The Team? (At Least 100 Words): The reason why I think I should be staff  so I can help out the server and the community and make the server even better place to rp in. Help out everyone and  the new players to the server or Garry's Mod or Darkrp. I will do this by helping them find stuff or need to find a place on the map or guide them through the rules and answer their questions . By getting everyone not to break the  server rules that are given and do what I can for the server. Also to make everyone satisfied with the community and to show that this server hires people that are willing to do anything to help the community . This is why I think I should become staff on this wonderful server. Also I do think Im good enough to join The Team because I do know what im doing as staff and was staff for like three other servers and Im a Dev for a server rn.

Have Read The MOTD (Yes/No): Yes

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